WAVESPRINT N300: Base Unit Optimised For Short Range Multipoint Applications Up To 2km

Incredibly compact, the WaveSPRINT N300 supports wireless CCTV links operating at up to 300Mbps (2Km). Suitable to use as a point-to-point or as a multipoint base station capable of receiving video feeds from up to 4 individual satellite units.

WAVEFLOW-N: Mid Range Point-To-Point And Multipoint Bridging Applications Up To 5km

WaveFLOW -N delivers data rates of up to 300 Mbps - providing cabled Ethernet comparable performance to meet the requirements of high resolution CCTV and other bandwidth-hungry applications.

WAVEMAX-N: Long Range Point-To-Multipoint Bridging For Applications Up To 60km

Optimised for creating high quality, exceptionally low latency video links, the WaveMAX-N wireless IP transceiver is ideal for backhaul transport of high resolution real time video and is particularly suitable for use with high resolution mega-pixel cameras in applications over long distances. The advanced OFDM radio and propriety technologies used within WaveMAX-N enable data transmission ranges of up to 60Km and data rates of up to 300 Mbps.

WAVESIGHT NMS: Wavesight Remote Network Management System

Simply connect WaveNMS to a convenient networked Ethernet Switch to enable full remote management and live performance monitoring of that network segment over the internet using a standard web browser interface. In addition to providing link status, radio signal integrity, data throughput and overall network activity, WaveNMS enables the remote configuration and reboot of any Wavesight wireless link connected to that network segment.