Next Level Of Functionality

Axxon Next Highlight

  • Unlimited number of cameras, servers and remote clients
  • Support for more than 850 IP camera models
  • Advanced video analytics
  • Unique tools for fast video footage retrieval
  • Flat pricing—easy to budget and save
  • Zero maintenance fees
  • Free support
  • Free 16 channel version


  • Automated device discovery.
  • Pre-event video recording buffer.
  • Simultaneous video recording and real-time surveillance.
  • Synchronous playback of video footage recorded by several cameras.
  • Playback with fast- or slow-motion in forward or reverse.
  • Web and iPhone live view and archive view.
  • Archive navigation through events recognized by video analytics or tagged by operators.
  • Recording, alarm generation, management of relays and camera PTZ devices, notifi cation by SMS, e-mail or voice message. These functions can be event-driven (response scenarios). Recording also can be continuous or be initiated by an operator (alarm handling mode).
  • Multi-level user rights.
  • Support for widescreen displays and cameras, and touch screen displays


  • Capability to use different streams from a camera for recording and display (multi-streaming).
  • Capability to choose the write location and recording parameters for various cameras and for various events that initiate recording.
  • SolidStore—a proprietary highly-efficient file system for video storage.
  • Micro-module and distributed architecture for unprecedented reliability.


Interactive 3D Map superimposes camera locations on a site map and displays camera views in the same window. This handy viewing mode allows operators to monitor situations without spending time to switch between windows. Operators can instantly pinpoi camera is located on the map and identify the corresponding location of interest.


Time Compressor allows the user to set a time range for video footage and get a short video clip of all moving objects in the scene. Objects and events captured at different times are displayed simultaneously in a condensed "video synopsis". When you spot an object of interest, click to jump to playback of the corresponding video fragment.


MomentQuest2 allows for quick retrieval of video footage thanks to metadata stored with each image. These are all the data on objects moving in the scene which are calculated as the video is streaming and stored alongside with the footage. Within seconds, the MomentQuest2 system will find the records that match the user’s query.

You can specify the following search criteria for MomentQuest2:

  • motion in the zone, user defined with any polyline
  • detection of crossing a virtual line in a user-defined direction
  • loitering (prolonged prescence of an object in an area)
  • simultaneous prescence of a few objects in an area
  • motion from one area to another

You can apply these filters to your search results:

  • object size
  • object color
  • direction of object motion
  • speed of the moving object
  • zone entry/appearance and zone exit/dissapearance (with the "motion in the zone" criteria).


System architechture


Number of servers in the distributed system


Number of clients which support simultaneous connection to the server Unlimited
Number of servers which simultaneously transmit video images to a client Unlimited
Number of video input channels per server Unlimited
Number of simultaneously processed signals from microphones Unlimited
Number of audio output channels (speakers, headphones etc.) See your Sound Card specs
Number of PTZ devices used Unlimited
Number of camera views displayed simultaneously on a client's screen Up to 25
IP device support IP cameras and IP video serves from various manufactures more than 850 devices*. The list is constantly growing; you can support for new devices to the system by updating the Drivers Pack software module. Reinstallation of the entire system is not required for this.
support for analog cammeras Through stretch cards
Video compression algorithms MJPEG, MPEG-4, MxPEG, H.264, Motion Wavelet
Hardware decompression of video H.264 on NVIDIA graphics cards which support CUDA
Available video image resolutions Resolutions supported by the video cameras
Support of embedded video camera video analytics Yes
Support of touch-sensitive monitors Yes
OS Microsoft windows XP/Vista/7/Server 2003/Server 2008**

*As of August, 2012.
**Some features of Axxon Next maybe unavailable or limited by the OS. Please refer to the User Guide.

The minimum configuration of the PC running the server and client Software

Hardware 1-16 Cameras 17-32 Cameras 33-64 Cameras
CPU Intel Core i3 540 @ 3.06 GHZ Intel Core i7 930 @ 2.8 GHZ 2xIntel Xeon 5660 @ 2.8 GHZ
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 200
ATI Radeon HD 5000, AMD Radeon HD 6000
HDD SATA II 7200rpm SATA II 7200rpm Server: RAID 0 0n SATA II 7200rpm or SCSI 10,000rpm
Client: SATA II 7200rpm
Surveillance Systems
CCTV Cameras

TK-C8301RE Internal IR-LED Box Camera


Full HD Network Camera :: WV-SP509

Axxon Next

Unlimited number of cameras, servers and remote clients

Axxon Intellect

Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4.8 is your choice when managing hundreds or thousands of cameras in a custom-built security system