Open PSIM Platform for Unlimited Scalability and Integration

Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4.8 is your choice when managing hundreds or thousands of cameras in a custom-built security system, or when you need integrated CCTV with access control, intruder alert, fire detection and sophisticated functionalities such as face recognition, road traffic monitoring, and bundled POS monitoring.

These capabilities make Intellect Enterprise 4.8 a perfect solution for large deployments for banking, city surveillance, gas stations, oil and gas facilities, critical infrastructure, and transportation (airports and railways). POS integration allows coordinated management of retail premises, guaranteeing security and safety in day-to-day operations.

With more than one million licenses sold in the last 5 years, Intellect Enterprise 4.8 is a future-proof software suite that is ready to meet the highest standards for #exibility and ease of use. Designed to work at large deployments, you will appreciate in value its stability even in the hardest conditions of restricted bandwidth and minimal hardware footprint.

As a unified security management system, Axxon Intellect integrates any and all security applications, systems and devices – including new IP-based systems, best-of-breed point solutions and products, and legacy devices – into a single environment. Because it’s built with an object-oriented architecture, Axxon Intellect is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to manage. The system is easily expanded, so as your company reaches new levels of growth, you can build on your initial investments. You’ll never have to put your company through the frustration or !nancial stress of changing systems.

Axxon Intellect has built-in intelligent video and audio analytics to recognize events as they occur, and the ability to respond appropriately.

The Intellect Enterprise modules can be installed and launched at di$erent computers connected over a network, thus providing a complete solution for remote operation, control, and monitoring.

Powerful system for video and audio analysis

Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4.8 incorporates a powerful system for analysis of video images. It includes the following video detection tools: • motion – captures any movement in the scene
• background change – triggered when an attempt is made to turn the camera
• drop of image quality – triggered when the image quality deteriorates due to blurring, soiling or blinding of the lens or darkening of the image, etc.
• abandoned objects – triggered when an object (briefcase, box, bag, etc.) appears in the scene and remains motionless for some time
• cross line – triggered when a moving object crosses the virtual line in the user-specified direction
• motion in a restricted area – recognizes movement in a user-specified area
• stopping in a restricted area – triggered when any object stops and remains motionless for some time within a user-specified area
• loitering – triggered when an object remains in a user-specified area for some time
• zone entry – triggered when any object appears within a userspecified area
• zone exit – triggered when the object leaves the user-specified area or when the object located in the area disappears from the camera’s field of view
• on-board video analytics on IP cameras
• audio analytics: broken glass and car alarms
• store traffic counting and queue management.

Forensic search

Forensic Search is a system for searching through video recordings in the archive. During video recording, Forensic Search records the characteristics of all moving objects in the scene.

Forensic Search allows searching the video footage for records that match certain parameters: area and direction of motion of an object, its speed, size and color, etc. Within seconds, Forensic Search finds all records that match the user’s query.

Axxon’s License Plate Recognition module, powered by the Adaptive Recognition engine and integrated into Axxon Intellect, is ideal for both law enforcement agencies and commercial enterprises (parking operators).

The Traffic Control module gives you the real-time traffic data necessary to optimize traffic flows, foresee problems, and ease traffic congestion. Traffic detectors warn you of possible bottlenecks and give you the guidance you need to assess gridlock, prevent roadblocks, supervise traffic flows and monitor road capacity usage for long-term planning.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4.8 includes a Face Recognition and Face Seacrh modules, powered by Cognitec and VeriLook face recognition engines. The Face Recognition module automatically detects and capture a human face within the video frame and compares it to photos database in order to positively identify persons of interest. The Face Search module creates a database of all faces captured by video cameras and lets you search the database for similar faces.

• People identified regardless of facial hair, hairstyle, eyewear, aging or angle, and in a variety of background conditions.
• Easy integration with existing systems.
• Automatic synchronization with user databases.
• Integration with access control systems.

Surveillance Systems
CCTV Cameras

TK-C8301RE Internal IR-LED Box Camera


Full HD Network Camera :: WV-SP509

Axxon Next

Unlimited number of cameras, servers and remote clients

Axxon Intellect

Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4.8 is your choice when managing hundreds or thousands of cameras in a custom-built security system

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Hybrid system to manage analog and IP cameras simultaneously
  • Integration with access control, intruder alert
    and fire alarm systems
  • Video and Audio Analysis, and Forensic Search
  • Additional modules: POS, license plate recognition, facial recognition and face search, road traffic monitoring
  • Fully customizable GUI
  • Event-driven management model
  • Video compression: H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG, Motion Wavelet (native)
  • Megapixel camera compatibility
  • Panoramic (fisheye) camera image dewarping
  • Support for external storage
  • Noti!cation Services (Voice, SMS, MMS, Email)
  • Advanced web-based reporting system
  • Video signal quality control
  • Failover service
  • Mobile & web access