Independence Models

The ATG Access ‘Independence’ models are manually retractable, high-security bollards ideal for use on remote applications with no power available. The bollard range may be raised and lowered using a battery operated drill. In the absence of a battery operated drill, a hand operated brace type device can be used. The ‘Independence’ models are innovative and the only products of their kind available in the market at the moment. Offered in both the SP400 and Titan MK II models currently; aesthetically pleasing and a great solution for remote applications still requiring anti-terror protection. Raised and lowered in under 10 seconds this product is a great alternative to removable bollards which are heavy and represent a health and safety challenge.

Titan Mk I

The SP Titan is DOS K12 impact test certifi ed, after successfully arresting a 6800kg vehicle travelling at 50mph (80km/h). Decorative sleeves are available and installation allows for a decorative paver covering the concrete foundation. Available with an automatic operation or a fi xed option, the bollards offer low operating and maintenance costs and are ideal for perimeter protection. The Titan is K12 certifi ed by the U.S. Department of State (DOS). All steel parts are standard hot dipped galvanized for corrosion protection. High visibility yellow paint is standard. Custom specifi ed paint colours and aesthetic sleeves are available.

Titan MK II

The Titan MK II is a robust ASTM and PAS 68 tested and certifi ed bollard which provides free movement for pedestrians and is available in a variety of operating sets and arrays. Capable of the highest cycle duties available, the Titan MK II bollard is an economical and effective way of protecting your access points from vehicular intrusion. Decorative sleeves are available, and construction allows for a decorative paver covering the concrete foundation. The range of products available within this range is either a bollard with an automatic operation, a manually retractable model or a fi xed option. The Titan MK II is PAS 68 certifi ed and all steel parts are standard, hot dipped and galvanized for corrosion protection.

Manual Rising Arm Barrier

The ATG Access Manual Rising Arm Barrier (formerly known as the Newey Barrier) is the latest addition to our Vehicle Barrier Bar collection. This manually operated barrier has an extremely robust fi nish and the sturdy looks are a great deterrent against the threat of a vehicle borne attack. The Manual Rising Arm Barrier has been tested in accordance with the PAS 68 standard, so as well as looking exceptionally strong it has the stopping power to match. It has been successfully impact tested against a 3,500kg vehicle travelling at 50mph, and again with a 7,500kg vehicle travelling at 30mph. There are two barriers available; one has an opening of 3m for vehicles to pass through and the second model has an opening of 4.5m. This barrier lends itself to industrial applications such as warehouse and factory protection as well as service entrances. It has an imposing appearance ideal to deter terrorist attacks and offer maximum perimeter security.

Edgar Allen Range

ATG Access holds the exclusive sales and marketing rights of the entire manganese bollard range of Edgar Allen Ltd. This not only gives ATG Access the exclusive worldwide rights to sell the range but also the fl exibility to offer its clients a complete range of perimeter protection for all levels of security. The bollards encompassed by this agreement are the Westminster bollard, the Excalibur 90, the Excalibur 125 and the City of London Bollard. For further information, speak to our sales team who can discuss in detail the Edgar Allen range.


Automatic and Manual Bollards, and Blockers

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