Often specifi ed in the most security critical applications, the SP1000 and its big brother – SP1200 bollard represent the ultimate in protection and integrity. ATG Access engineered the world’s strongest security bollard when they tested this range and the SP1200 bollard was the fi rst vehicle barrier to be tested to PAS 68 standards with a 30 ton truck at 50mph.


SP TT Bollard

The ATG Access SP Shallow TT has a unique double action retractable design which ensures a smooth operation and good aesthetics whilst acting as a depth saving feature. It stands 1 metre tall yet only requires a 900mm foundation. This opens a wide range of opportunities for the use of rising bollards, which previously would have been impossible due to foundation requirements. The SP Shallow TT is capable of stopping a 7,500kg vehicle at 40mph, tested in accordance with the PAS 68 standard.

VBB Barrier

Vehicle Barrier Bars (VBB) provide a unique solution to prevent a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices from penetrating a secure perimeter. The VBB utilizes a hydraulically activated, reinforced horizontal bar that is stored below the road surface to permit vehicles to pass over it. To secure the perimeter the reinforced bar is raised from the opening to the deployed position. The standard rate of deployment is between 3-5 seconds, or less than 2 seconds with the addition of the optional Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) control. When the bar is deployed it provides resistance to vehicle intrusion, with its proven stopping power able to halt a 15,000lb (6,820kg) vehicle travelling up to 50mph (80kp/h). The vehicle barrier has also been tested in accordance with the PAS 68 standard – 7,500kg vehicle at 50mph.

Cityscape Gate

The Cityscape Gate is installed in a foundation of only 400mm and can protect entrances from 4 to 6 metres. The gate is manually opened and closed and may be secured by a manual locking mechanism; alternatively the gate may be secured from a remote location if required. The gate is also able to open from both approach angles. The structure was recently impact tested and stopped a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 40 mph. The Cityscape Gate is at the forefront of technology as well as sitting in a shallow foundation, the gate employs energy absorbing synthetic fi bres to arrest the attacking vehicle.


Automatic and Manual Bollards, and Blockers

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