The ATG Access VP700 is, in essence identical to the VP200 in that it carries Highway Agency approval and compromises of a 168mm diameter bollard in black or a 200mm diameter bollard in stainless steel.
The VP700 comes with an operating system consisting of red and green light indicator column to instruct users when it is safe to pass through the system. Loops are installed within the approach path to instruct the bollards to rise once a vehicle has passed and also to prevent bollards from rising underneath passing vehicles.

Diameter 168mm/200mm with sleeve
Height Above Ground 700mm
Lifting Weight -
Foundation Depth 1200mm
Finishes Available Black or sleeved



The ATG Access SP 100 is the most affordable high security bollard meeting the BSI PAS 68:2010 rating. Manually operable - no power, ducting or rebar required. SP 100 is ideal for commercial applications where budget is a primary constraint. This product is ideally suited to sites where there are few traffi c movements. The bollard retracts down under its own weight when being lowered into the ground, has an integral lock, a gravity operated lid, lift assist mechanism and a tested and proven anti-tamper locking mechanism. All parts precision engineered and assembled by hand.


The ATG Access SP400 is part of the ultimate security bollard family. This product is tested to PAS68 standard, arresting a 7.5 ton vehicle travelling at 40mph. The SP400 automatic is a hydraulically operated, fully automatic bollard, offering outstanding protection whilst allowing vehicle and pedestrian access when needed. The fi xed option compliments the range by offering robust perimeter protection. The SP400 is also available as a shallow mount fi xed bollard with a civil installation depth of only 170mm. The SP400 range of bollards offers an answer to a vast range of security requirements. The range offers excellent pedestrian and vehicular permeability, whilst maintaining great aesthetics and PAS68 tested protection.


SP1000 automatic bollards sit at the very top of the ATG High-Security range. The SP1000 automatic bollard was the fi rst of our bollards to be impact tested as part of the PAS 68 testing program and also complying with the ASTM standard. The bollard was fi rst hit at 30mph by a fully laden 7.5tonne truck, then at 50mph with a fully laden 7.5 ton truck and, on each occasion, performed a complete dead stop of the vehicle. The SP1000 is available as a standard fi xed bollard to compliment the range. Also available as a shallow mount fi xed bollard with a civil installation of 112mm, the SP1000 is also available with a full range of aesthetically pleasing sleeves including the new and more traditional heritage style.


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