ATG Access® is Europe’s largest manufacturer of security bollards and vehicle barrier systems. The company has a growing presence in Asia, the GCC Region and North and South America. Through years of experience developing, manufacturing and testing a range of vehicle barriers we are able to bring you a unique and high quality portfolio of security products to meet your projects requirements.

Road Blockers

Manual Bollards

ATG Access manual and fixed product family consists of our manually operated retractable security posts, lift-out perimeter hoops, our specialised pedestrian posts and retract a cast bollards. Each of these products are available in a variety of colours and fi nishes. Different ranges are available to suit your project dependant on budget, aesthetics and operating mechanism. Manual posts can secure driveways, protect against ram-raid and vehicle theft and are a cost effective way of securing an area.

Parking Post

The ATG Access Parking Post is designed predominantly for domestic applications, parking protection and small car park applications for schools and offi ce blocks.
Ideal for driveway installations to restrict unwanted access to properties and garages and to protect parked vehicles. The inner post simply rises vertically and locks in the upright position with an integral push button lock, providing a convenient way of securing most sites. Unlike removable bollards, this Parking Post does not need to be stored. Once fully retracted into the ground and the lid lowered, there is no trip hazard for pedestrians.

Diameter 76mm
Height Above Ground 500mm
Lifting Weight 5-6kg
Foundation Depth 825mm
Finishes Available Yellow RAL coated

Square Bollard

The products robust fi nish and sturdy looks are a great deterrent against ram-raid and lend this bollard to industrial applications such as warehouse roller shutter door protection and car showroom applications.

Roller shutter doors protection, entrances to commercial and residential premises, driveway entrances, garage door protection and car show room security.

Diameter 90mm
Height Above Ground 670mm
Lifting Weight -
Foundation Depth 1050mm
Finishes Available Galvanised or RAL coated

Automatic and Manual Bollards, and Blockers
ATG Access

ATG Access® is Europe’s largest manufacturer of security bollards and vehicle barrier systems.