Automated Gate Systems

About Ditec

DITEC is specialist in automatic entrances and they have a host of automatic entrances and solutions for homes, shops, hotels, offi ces, military zones, public places e.t.c. These automations ranges from gates, garages, external doors/windows, internal doors drapes and curtains, private access barriers.

Ditec automatic entrances and doors offer a great deal of benefi ts. Installed internally and externally to residential and commercial buildings, they allow building entrances to be safely, practically, smartly and hygienically controlled. All Ditec automations are able to control access, to entice people to enter and, in air conditioned areas, to ensure optimal energy savings.

Automatic Barriers

Newly designed and technically advanced, Qik is the ideal solution for a totally safe access control of medium to high transit environments such as hotels, banks, shopping malls, as well as blocks of fl ats, companies and camp sites, which always require access control of car parking areas, to ensure their use to authorised people only. The wide range of lengths and DITEC accessories available ensure that all installation requirements are met.

An access system built with safety in mind. The Qik barriers, when matched to the “LAN control systems”, solve all access problems and are very easy to use.

To allow employees and key customers to operate the barrier, a wide range of solutions are available: a remote control, a traditional key or keypad operated selector switch, a “LAN transponder” system or a “coin” system, which allows the barrier to be operated only once. This is a great solution for hotels, sport centres, shops and restaurants, visited by users who need temporary, quick and simple access.

Furthermore, the “magnetic loop” system is inherently very practical and simple to use. The detector, when installed on the pavement, allows the exit barrier to be automatically operated when a vehicle goes over it, thus ensuring a regular fl ow of vehicles and avoiding unwelcome queues.

Technical Details

  • CE marking
  • Direct current motor with high performance in terms of speed and number of operations; alternating current motor suitable for all applications requiring lower performance and shorter life
  • Gear motor mounted at right angle with the barrier exit in order to avoid the use of a lever system and to leave more space available for the control unit
  • Simple to install, the system ensures a very easy access to the control unit
  • The 24V versions with encoder allow slowdowns and speed control. Possibility of using batteries and great operating intermittency
  • The MD1 display module can be used for the diagnostics and enhanced control of panel adjustments, update able by means of DMCS software (barrier QIK 80EH)
Automatic Barriers
Automated Gate Systems