Cometa Automatic Booths (3)


The Cometa Security and emergency exit central system combats abuse of emergency exits and greatly improves the security against unwanted intruders without compromising the escape function of the door. In addition the system has been designed to enable the controlled door to be used a an entrance door by authorised personnel and by disabled persons. Unlocking of the door occurs in any emergency situation and the system enables emergency exit doors to be controlled and constantly monitored from remote location. The electromagnetic locks used in this systems have no residual magnetism and will release immediately when the power is cut off. The microprocessor electronic control unit is factory programmed to the customers specification.

• Opening of the door by using key on control panel (immediate or delayed opening)
• Escape through the emergency exit door by using the emergency breakglass door release (delayed or immediate opening )
• Stopping the automatic opening procedure by control panel
• Audible and illuminated EMERGENCY EXIT signal activated on control panel
• Audible and illuminated DOOR OPEN signal
• Audible and illuminated alarm signal of DOOR OPEN, displayed on cabinet at the top of the door
• Alarm remote signal by dry contact
• Communication by audio entry panel, and external push button bell to authorise disable person entry

A: Managed by control console (placed inside)
B: Light panel with alarm buzzer
C: Electromagnetic lock with integrated control unit and buffer battery (Co S112)
D: Emergency push button
E: Signal devices with intercom (placed outside.)
F: Key dallas switch