Cometa Automatic Booths (2)

Booths with Face Recognition

The Face Detection System is the winning choice to solve all the main problems in the access control system in the bank branches. The Face Detection System function is the face recognizable identifi cation. The person with a non-recognizable face is not allowed to get in the bank branch. The system is usually installed between two interlocked doors. The best Face Detection System installation is obtained with cabins that can assure the presence of one user at a time inside the structure, like CoMETA cabins.

The user enters in the cabin and remains between the two interlocked doors. During the entire user staying time in the cabin, several vocal messages help him during his transit. In the detection step the system allows the user to enter the bank only if the parameters of the face match with a threshold (determined by the identifi cation of the essential features of a face). The access will be denied to people wearing hats, black sunglasses, etc… because these objects do not allow the system to recognize clearly their face. The video recording is active during all the face recognition step and the videos are stored in both case: the face is recognizable or the customer is rejected. The video is played in the cabin on an integrated monitor. The videos are stored and will be accessible and downloadable (to local HD or DVD) for 7 days from the recording date.


The system Biobank, integrated in the bushing input of branch, is combined to one or two cameras. When the customer goes to the entrance of the compass it starts recording movie, Transit continues if no entry in the bank the customer, or not to if is rejected; within compass is then carries out the registration phase.
Biometrics Fingerprint, authorizes access to the bank only if the parameters of the impression exceed the threshold.
The whole process is guided by vocally appropriate speech.
The data is then stored in an encrypted form to prevent their unauthorized access or tampering, and remains available only to law enforcement in the event of criminal events.
The system Co720, in addition to its reliability operational, ensures perfect harmony with the management system doors, a very high effi ciency detection and image quality footprint useful for investigation of forces order.
It also meets all the requirements Compliance European Directive, the requirements of the Guarantor for privacy and the ABI guidelines.

• High reliability of recognition
• Recording encrypted impression and fi lms transit in separate archives
• Co 720.XX.1 - Image Quality footprint 569 dpi sensitive area with 25 x 13.2 mm
• Co 720.XX.2 - Image Quality footprint 500 dpi sensitive area with 23 x 23 mm
• Measurement of biological parameters distinguishing the different people detection threshold footprint valid configuration
• High speed recording (<1s)
• High storage capacity
• (20,000 fi ngerprints)
• Central processing unit Compact (size 205x120x140 mm) integrated in the structure of the compass
• 2 inputs for cameras
• Power supply from battery buffered (does not require interruptible power supply)
• Harmony with the system management ports
• Compliance with Authority
• Privacy Guarantor
• Compliance with ABI guidelines
• Harmony with CEIA Metal Detectors cellular free
• Generation AFIS format fi les